Remove Rust And Debris From An Outdoor Condenser Unit

If the outdoor condenser unit that is connected to your home's air conditioning system hasn't been used in a long time and has visible rust spots on its surface and debris trapped inside of its cover, clean it with the following steps. After finishing, the unit will be more likely to operate efficiently when you turn the air conditioning on in your house. Materials screwdriver foam brush naval jelly scouring pad bucket of soapy water handheld scrub brush water hose shop vacuum cleaner plastic sheeting rust inhibitor Remove The Rust [Read More]

DIY Fixes When Your Washing Machine Doesn't Fill Or Fills Too Slowly

When it seems as if your washing machine has finally given up and you are preparing for a trip to the laundromat, it is important to remember that even when it looks like an expensive repair, it doesn't have to be. If you cannot get a repair-person to look at it immediately or your schedule does not permit you to meet with the appropriate professional, the following tips in the near future may be able to get the washer moving once again. [Read More]

Answers To A Couple Of Questions About Common Refrigerator Problems

Your refrigerator is likely one of the more important appliances services that you own, but you may not give it much thought until problems start to develop. When issues with your refrigerator arise, you may not be sure of the steps that you should take to correct the issue. However, learning the answers to the following couple of questions about routine refrigerator issues will help you to minimize the disruptions that these problems can cause. [Read More]

Staying Cool In The Summertime

In some areas, you pray all winter for the summer heat, and when it arrives, you are left to suffer and swelter, often for days and weeks. Although you appreciate the sunshine, you pay a price in comfort. When the summer heat becomes extreme, you can take steps to make yourself more comfortable while lowering your cooling bills. Cooling Methods You need to have your air conditioning system checked each year, and if it needs serious repair, you should consider replacing it. [Read More]