How To Know Whether Your Air Conditioning System Is In Need Of Professional Repair

If you want to make sure that you are remaining nice and comfortable during the warmer months of the year, then you need to become fully aware of the signs that your air conditioning unit is in need of repair. To help you determine when you should call for assistance from a professional HVAC technician, you will want to check out the following signs of trouble.

You Hear Clicking Or Banging Sounds

If you are starting to notice sounds that are anything other than the normal low pitch humming of the air conditioning motor that you have grown used to, it is time to call in a professional. This clicking or banging sound could be an indication of a wide variety of problems, which can only be properly diagnosed by a professional HVAC technician. Whether it is the motor starting to lock in place or a belt that is about to fall off, you could soon find yourself without any cold air if prompt action is not taken.

You Spot A Puddle Of Liquid On The Ground

It is normal for your air conditioning unit to push out a little bit of condensation that has built up. However, it should not be enough to create a puddle around the unit. Therefore, if you notice that there is a puddle starting to form and it is not from a recent heavy rainfall that your area just experienced, you will want to call in a professional HVAC technician. The unit may be producing too much condensation. Then again, the fluid could be coolant that is suddenly leaking out of the unit. Either way, it is a problem that you will want to have quickly resolved.

The Temperature Will Not Remain Where It Should Be

If you are suddenly finding that you are having a hard time getting the house to cool off to your desired level of comfort, no matter how low you set the temperature on the thermostat, it is time to have the unit examined by a professional. The issue could be within the thermostat itself or within the air conditioning unit. Regardless, you are going to need the assistance of a skilled HVAC technician to determine the true problem and then resolve it for you.

With just the previous three signs of air conditioning trouble in mind, you should be able to determine when you need to call an a/c installation service professional for prompt help.