5 Things You Should Know About Your Refrigerator

Even though you use your refrigerator on a daily basis, there is a good chance that there are things that you don't know about how to best take care of your refrigerator and how you can enhance and change your refrigerator. Here are five things that you should know about your refrigerator. 

#1 Your Refrigerator Works Best When It Is Full

Your refrigerator functions most effectively when it is full of food. If you are not able to keep your refrigerator stocked full of food at all times, just put a few gallon jugs of water inside of your refrigerator. Your refrigerator is able to maintain a constant temperature, and doesn't have to work so hard to stay cool, when it is full. 

#2 Your Refrigerator Has A Long Shelf Life

Refrigerators are machines that are really made to last. It is not unusual for a refrigerator to last anywhere from fifteen to nineteen years, which is why you should make that you really like your refrigerator if you ever invest in a new one. Although newer refrigerators may come out that are more energy efficient and offer new features, such as wine drawers, the primary technology in a refrigerator is pretty consistent, which is why they last for such a long time.

#3 Your Refrigerator Needs Some Room To Breath

You shouldn't push your refrigerator right up against the wall, especially if the condenser coils for your refrigerator are located on the back of your unit instead of on the bottom of it. Your condenser coils work the most effectively when air is able to circulate freely around them. 

#4 Your Refrigerator Is Customizable

If you feel like your refrigerator does not have enough shelf space, you may be able to add additional shelfs to your refrigerator. Most manufactures allow you to enter your refrigerator's model number and purchase the necessary hardware you would need to add an additional shelf.

If your refrigerator has the correct wiring, you can also add an ice-maker to your refrigerator. Many models are now sold with the wiring for ice-makers; the owner just has to purchase the appropriate equipment for their make and model and have it installed. 

#5 Your Refrigerator Is Movable

You don't have to keep your refrigerator in your kitchen; you can put it in other rooms of your home or even out in your garage. This can be a great option if you are remodeling your kitchen and investing in a new refrigerator for aesthetically reasons, but your old refrigerator still functions fine.

If you do choose to move your refrigerator outside, make sure that your garage is warm enough. If your garage gets below around 50–55 degrees in the winter months, the cold temperatures could cause the oil that runs the compressor in your refrigerator to thicken, which could cause your compressor and thus your refrigerator to fail. For more information, talk to a professional like Anderson's Appliance Repair Service.