Staying Cool In The Summertime

In some areas, you pray all winter for the summer heat, and when it arrives, you are left to suffer and swelter, often for days and weeks. Although you appreciate the sunshine, you pay a price in comfort. When the summer heat becomes extreme, you can take steps to make yourself more comfortable while lowering your cooling bills.

Cooling Methods

You need to have your air conditioning system checked each year, and if it needs serious repair, you should consider replacing it. Experts suggest that you multiply the price of the repair by the age of your unit. If the sum is more than $5,000, you should get a new one. A new AC can save you money in the long run as well as keep you more comfortable. You can also save money on your energy bills once the temperature cools off at night by turning off the air, opening the windows, and using a fan. Of course, if you or members of your family have allergies or are particularly susceptible to humidity, this course of action may not be the best for you. However, some families will be able to lower their cooling costs by using a combination of efficient air conditioning and the natural coolness of the evening air. 

Change Your Style

Although shorts, dresses, and tank tops are standard choices for summer, they are not ideal for several reasons. Often, they simply fit too close to your body to allow for proper air circulation and evaporation of summer sweat. Also, your blood vessels naturally dilate to release heat through your skin, something that cannot happen efficiently if your clothes are too tight. In addition, you should cover much of your body to avoid dangerous UV rays. Opting for long, flowing cotton clothing is your best bet for a summer wardrobe. Look to what inhabitants of the desert wear for help in choosing your own summer wardrobe. 

Eating Habits

You may be able to adjust your eating habits to stay cool as well. Consider eating small meals more frequently. A large meal requires more energy to digest, causing your body heat to rise. Also, high-protein meals can add to this additional heat. Small, easily digested meals can help you stay cooler.

Ever wonder why spicy foods are popular in hot climates? In addition to tasting great, they help cool you off by promoting sweating and improved circulation. Although you may be tempted to go for a popsicle, try a few chiles instead. Your body will thank you.

You can take some simple steps to stay comfortable in the summer heat. In addition to making you feel better, these measures can also save money on your cooling bill, which can be frightening during particularly extreme weather. Summertime lasts for only a few months, and soon you may be cursing the cold. Stay cool and enjoy the sunshine while you can. For more tips, contact a company like R & R Heating & Cooling of Polk CO Inc.