Avoid Trips To The Laundry Mat: Tips For Maintaining Your Washer And Dryer

When your washer or dryer is experiencing a problem, you end up with laundry piled up and trips to the laundry mat. Taking care to provide regular maintenance for your washer and dryer can help you avoid the dreaded laundry mat trip. Follow these tips for ensuring that your laundry stays done at home.

Steps To Keep Your Dryer Running Safely

While being without an operational clothes dryer can be aggravating, making sure your dryer is safe when running is important as well. Follow these tips for keeping your dryer safe and operational:

  • Always empty the lint trap in between cycles. When lint builds up, it can cause your dryer to work harder. Also, when the lint trap gets full, it poses a serious fire hazard. Washing your lint every few months in mild soap and water is a good idea, but remember to make sure it is completely dry before putting back into your dryer.

  • Keep your dryer away from the wall to prevent it from overheating and becoming a fire hazard. If the back on on your dryer is loose, be sure to tighten it because if lint gets into the internal parts, it could cause a fire. If your dryer sits too close to a wall, it has to work harder because of overheating. When your dryer works harder, it wears out faster.

  • Remove the vent pipe from the back of your dryer once a month and vacuum it out. Lint can collect on the inside walls of the pipe and become a fire hazard. When too much lint become trapped in the lint pipe, it can also cause clogs that would interfere with your dryer's heating capabilities. Remember to also clean out the dryer vent on the exterior wall of your house as well.

Your Washer Depends On You For Maintenance And Care

Taking the time to care for washer is vital for it to provide the longest service. Follow these tips.

  • Make it a habit to check your washer's hoses and fittings periodically to make sure they are tight and not leaking. The hoses on your washer can get old and dry rot, causing them to leak. When the hoses leak, your washer will not perform properly, and you end up with water-damaged walls and flooring as well. Check with an appliance parts store to get metal-braided hoses instead of traditional rubber hoses. Metal-braided hoses last longer.

  • Keeping the door of your top loading machine open for a while each day can help prevent mold and mildew inside the drum. Airflow is better when the door of your top loader is open.

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